Expand Your Home Entertainment Technology

Home is where the heart is, but that doesn’t mean home cannot have the best technology available today. One spends a number of hours watching TV at home. be is the regular meaningless soaps or the gripping movies, one has many options to choose from when they want to watch TV.

At the same time one spends a lot of time on their smart phones as well. Android has become a household name and with the technological advancement, this operating system has been adapted by TVs too.

With an android TV, one can connect their android device to the TV and do everything on the TV itself. You can download the countless Apps, play games, use communication Apps, chat, etc. when you can do it all on your TV, what can be more exciting?

You can even stream movies on your TV from your android device. Now that is a lot of movies and videos for you to watch as per your wish, rather than watching what is telecasted on the TV.

How To Select

With a lot of companies trying to cash in on this market, one can find it difficult to choose the best Android TV box. Here are a few things to watch out for when you are buying.

  • Updates – Ensure your TV box firmware can be updated as they are released. This will ensure you can continue using this TV box in the future. Firmware Over The Air updates allows you to enjoy all the new features without you having to download the updates manually.
  • Android OS – Check the Android version on the TV. Just like you would look for the latest Android OS on your smart phone, your TV should be equipped with the latest too.
  • Network – When you want to stream movies from Netflix and other computers require a good network connection. Ensure your TV box has a dual band WI-Fi router and a network adapter, for better transmission.

With this type of a TV at home, your home technology can be up to date and you can enjoy the best sitting at home.

Winders-Good or Bad!

Watches are loved by all, kids to adults equally. They are not just a time-piece, but classic pieces of careful instrumentation. Watches were mostly made in Swiss and hence earlier only Swiss watches were of great price. But, today with the technology improving like never before, manufacturing units are everywhere, and there are hundreds of brands competing. Each brand has a unique possession to offer, a unique style, craftsmanship and material. The interior of a watch to has changed a lot.

Watch winders, have you heard before? Well, you wouldn’t have heard if you are amillennium gen child. The older generation would know them.

Watch winder is a small device. They were built specifically for self-winding purpose when the watch isn’t in use. Automatic watches now, wind themselves. There are a lot of questions about this small device; whether needed or not or which is better.

Google does provide with the nearest best solutions. But, do you really want toknow if your watch needs a winder? Well, in our perspective winders are not that important for today’s watches. It’s an unnecessary burden on the watch. Earlier days these winders used to start up a watch that wasn’t used for long.

But, intoday’s scenario, are we going to let that watch sit there for years? Not even days, we use our watches regularly and often. If not, we can start up the watch easily, by self-winding.  Or just drop them to service. The work of winders isn’t necessary here.Overuse of winders just for the craziness will only lead to wear and tear of the part! In case you are crazy enough to meddle with your watch, then it’s your style. Thinking now, which watch winder should I buy? There are plenty of winders available in the market, choose one based on the purpose that you intend to use.