Easy, low-effort and precise steering are hallmarks of the Teryx4’s clever Electric Power Steering (EPS) system.

The Showa-built system eliminates the traditional power-steering pump found on most of the competition, so steering inputs don’t rob engine power, and it is only active when the engine is running, so there’s also no battery drain. Input from vehicle speed and torque electric dirt bikes for sale sensors determine the amount of steering assistance – more during slow-speed use, and less as speeds increase, just like a state-of-the-art sports car. EPS offers additional damping in all conditions, especially on rough surfaces, resulting in reduced steering kickback and bump-steer.

The rugged chassis of the Teryx4 LE is the epitome of Side x Side strength. Its rigid, square-tube steel frame was designed by Kawasaki engineers using detailed computer analysis and razor mx650 is best extensive off-road testing to create its super-strong Double-X frame design, which features two X-shaped cross members that bridge the frame’s box structures from corner-to-corner for maximum strength and optimum durability. This sturdy frame is significantly reinforced by its certified Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) which extends all the way out to the edges of the bodywork to maximize cockpit space and help shield the chassis and bodywork from damage.

This impressive package is enhanced with a wide-track/wide-body chassis that contributes to superb cornering characteristics. The wide track helps resist body roll razor ground force drifter kart during cornering and boosts its ability to cope with rough terrain at speed. The mid-engine placement also helps by centralizing the Teryx4’s center of mass to reduce turning inertia and facilitate easy direction changes.

Large 26″ Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires offer the type of ride comfort, control and traction you’d expect from a first-class side x side like Teryx4. Their construction and tread design helps maximize forward traction while optimizing response for aggressive cornering.

Teryx4 is shorter (compared to other four-seat side x sides) 85.7″ wheelbase affords it a surprisingly small 16.7’ turning radius, which makes tight turns an easy affair on trails or in tight spaces. The unit’s substantial 11.1″ of ground clearance helps keep it from high-centering when cresting an obstacle or ridge, while high approach and departure angles (79 and 65 degrees, respectively), reduce the possibility of contacting the front bumper when approaching a steep slope or scraping the tail when exiting one.

The 2015 Teryx4 utilizes one of the best names in the high-performance suspension business, FOX. Kawasaki engineers collaborated with FOX to fit the Teryx4 with the ultimate high-performance Side x Side shocks, fully adjustable for spring preload and 24-way compression damping, to easily tailor the ride to the terrain.

As always, Kawasaki and FOX incorporated a dual-mode design ideology so that the FOX Podium coil-over shocks provide everything from cruising comfort with four passengers aboard to sport-style bump absorption when driven solo or with a single passenger. FOX’s high-grade Podium shocks youth atv is small and fast!, which feature piggyback reservoirs to help maintain consistent damping, are more than capable of tackling any terrain with confidence.

With all this performance and handling potential, consistent stopping power is a must, and Teryx4 delivers! High-performance hydraulic discs up front using 200mm rotors gripped by dual-piston calipers offer exceptional feel and stopping power. The brakes are recessed within the wheels, protecting them from dirt, water and debris, while durable steel-braided lines help keep pedal feel crisp and progressive.

In back is Kawasaki’s unique sealed internal wet brake that features internal components that are completely sealed from mud, water, dust and debris, the result being ultra-reliable braking performance. The combination of powerful discs up front and the sealed system in back is ideal, and contributes once again to the Teryx4’s wide-ranging overall performance.