Be it battery for the soul, body or the bike, only the best needs to be used. While the human body requires healthy food, and the soul needs positive energy; an Electric Bi Cycle utilizes rechargeable batteries. Batteries also come in different varieties and power. These bicycles are replacing fossil fuel powered two-wheelers and motorcycles in a big way.

Some of the lesser expensive electric bicycles utilize lead acid batteries that are bulky in nature. The newer versions use Li-ion batteries. They are lighter and have the denser capacity. The performance will vary depending on what kind of battery it is. The better and more advanced ones have increased ranges and higher speeds.

The bikes that are most popular today are the ones that are both batteries assisted as well as pedal assisted. These electronic bikes have proven their worth in more ways than one. They are less polluting, economic and versatile in nature. Lower gas price has reduced the sales of the E-Bikes.

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Long lasting and portable in nature, the lightweight lithium iron phosphate batteries provide an E-Bike with a good speed. These batteries can be charged with both solar energy as well as power from a grid. The time taken to charge is usually an hour and a half. The batteries can be removed from the vehicle and charged at home for convenience. Care must be taken not to internally damage the cells. The life of the battery depends on it.

A regular battery will last for approximately two thousand cycles. It is possible to recharge the battery even after completely draining it. Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere. They are the ideal choice for powering the electronic bikes. As the quality of the batteries makes a difference, it is important to read reviews of customers to get a good range on the bike.

The range depends on the capacity of the battery, the weight the speed, and the profile of the tour taken. The amount of pedaling assistance received by bike matters too. A bike with a higher range is the one with the most demand.

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1) Stealth Bomber E-bike Package

This is a complete package. One can build an e-bike from scratch with this kit. One can also choose the battery. A 72V battery package is chosen for a higher speed. The bike comes with a 3000 W motor which is very powerful in nature. There are six to seven-speed gear options.

2) Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Biking up the mountain has its own charm. One can choose not to pedal the whole way and switch to the battery mode when using this bike. Made up of a tough aluminum alloy with a carbon steel front fork, this bike also has an LED lamp along with horns. The ergonomically designed bike is comfortable and safe for a ride up the mountain. The sturdy tires have an excellent grip making it one of the most wanted E-mountain bikes.

3) Woman Local Cargo Electric Bicycle

This bike is designed with women in mind. With a beginner level and a six-speed gear system, these bikes can take a load of approximately 250 pounds and is the perfect traveling companion for women.