5 Podcasts Your Kids Should Be Listening To

Somewhere in the middle of the technical jargons and the rush to update our software versions and downloading application, we have lost a time when family entertainment meant sitting near the fireplace and kids listening to the parents or grandparents reading to them or even the grand old radio days!

I remember loving the time just before dinner was to be served when mum used to on the radio or the podcast and we would all go about our routine with the sound and the songs in the backdrop.

I miss those days and the fun we had. I was feeling sad for my children that they were missing out on so much fun. The nostalgia was one day so unbearable that I started looking out for alternatives.

So, both the children love to get on to Youtube and watch videos away whether they make any sense to them or not at all. However, I must concur that some videos there are really well made and can be unhesitatingly used as a tool for education.

In a bid to not make them passive technology junkies I have begun ordering toys from starwalkkids. The toys are so good that they engage them albeit even using creative technology. I am totally for such good technology you see!

Here is a list of the top five podcasts that I think kids in this nations must absolutely listen to:

  1. Story Pirates:

Such imaginative stories can only come from kids. All the stories ooze creativeness and cuteness. I am so sure your child will be hooked from day one.

  1. Little stories for tiny people:

All the stories are ten minutes or less. The best part of this podcast is their goodnight tales that ca lull the child to bed in minutes.

  1. Peace out:

Do you have trouble calming your children just before bed? This podcast uses tales to make sure that the child calms down before it hits the bed.

  1. What if the world!

My favorite this! It answers the whimsical questions children all the time have on their mind. Hilarious and fun, parents are going to love this too!!

  1. Sesame Street:

This is the classic one that we grew up watching on television. Now in the podcast and it is better and bigger. Go check out!

How to teach your grandma tech in a day


We all know that grandparents and tech don’t go well together. Fortunately, there are many ways to make new technology accessible to older people. Start simple – if grandma has never used a phone or computer before, you don’t want to overwhelm her with new information. Teach her the basics first, such as writing an email or searching the web. Don’t bother teaching her skills she doesn’t need.

If she has difficulty remembering, it’s important to be patient and let her go at her own pace. Keep practicing the same things over and over again until she gets the hang of it. Make it simple – remember she is from a different generation where computers and phones did not exist for her growing up.

It’s best to follow what she is interested in – if she has no desire to learn the processes will be slow and difficult for both of you. Ask her what she would like to know about – maybe she’d like to learn how to make video calls to her grandchildren with an iPad. Or help her set up an email account so all the family can send her photos.

Learning about tech can be a great way to make older people feel less lonely. Once she has mastered the basics, ask her to teach her friends so they can have ways to keep in touch. Also, make it fun for grandma – older people love enthusiastic youngsters. Try to keep positive and encourage her as you go along.

If you are buying a gadget for your grandma, choose one which is simple. She probably doesn’t need the latest, top of the range product, and one with too many features will make the learning process more confusing. You could even try a kids’ version to begin with until she gets the hang of it.