The Ultimate Fit Guy’s Guide to Virtual Reality

If you’ve ever encountered the term big Dick Energy, then, you’re probably a regular reader of BDE (big dick energy) also explains the swag that fit guys have. It’s one thing to be fit, but to be fit and confident is something else entirely. Fitness is a journey and technology has ensured that this journey can be fun, entertaining, and most importantly exhausting!

Virtual Reality is the new wave of fitness technology. The days of smartwatches that can take an EKG reading are over before they even began! VR devices are going to get you fit, and get you fit without you realizing the analog reality you’re sweating it out in!

Imagine this – you’re in a mythical land of volcanoes, beautiful landscapes, and gorgeous ocean all around. You’re running through the thick woods to reach your destination so you can avoid the pirates. You have to find the nooks and crannies to hide, dip, squat, the works. 15 minutes in, and your fitness instructor changes the set! This is the amazing potential of VR that we haven’t tapped into as yet.

VR-enabled fitness equipment is the next step forward. For a lot of people, a gym is a smelly place full of terrifying equipment. A VR-enabled device will cut out the smelly side effects of gym going and have you get in a good quality workout while navigating a virtual world!

VR fitness is an emerging industry. Companies in Australie and Germany are working on technology that will make you feel some form of resistance when you are VR-sword fighting or VR running. Technology is basically taking away the stigma that it is a sedentary activity. Gaming is usually associated with a sedentary lifestyle and VR-enabled technology is aiming to do away with this myth and is trying to bring in a new era of fitness where everyone with a VR headset can enjoy a good workout while navigating their VR experience.